Make finding great things to do painless.

Whether you're looking for a night out or a bite to eat, WOWit has you covered.

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Your Time Is Precious

Spend your time doing things you love, not looking for them.

You want to spend your time doing enjoyable things, going to fantastic events or places. Use WOWit to explore your surroundings, or get personalised suggestions. Either way WOWit will make finding great things to do painless.

Explore your surroundings

From the comfort of wherever
you are

Are you looking for something specific? Use our Explore feature to quickly find it. Not sure about what you want to do? Let WOWit suggest great events and places to you that we think you'll like!

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Too much information

Does finding things to do take too much time?

We are constantly bombarded with huge amounts of information every day. It can be difficult to sift through that information to find what we actually want. If you are looking for events or places use WOWit to cut through the noise to what you need.

Enough of the clutter

Make decisions easy

Have you ever spent far too long trying to decide what place or event to go to? No more! Let WOWit do the work for you getting the top 5 places and events specifically selected for you in whatever category you're looking for. That's sure to make your decision so much easier.

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Find great Places and Events


Quickly get all the information you need to decide on a place.


See upcoming events at that location.


See other places just like the one you are viewing.


Events you'd like appear in your feed so you don't miss out


Heart an event to get reminders when the event is close.


Link to Facebook to see what events friends like.

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Save time looking for places and events and spend it doing great things instead by downloading the WOWit app.

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